Airfort makes the clouds visible

Airfort “Makes the sunshine on the cloud” with the services that are intelligent, adaptive and self-steering. Airfort caters to a single cloud island or cloud clusters communicate. AirFort cloud service is makes cloud access deterministic, secure, efficient and abstracted. Cloud is no longer a remote entity, it move with you and you are on the cloud.

AirServe – Bandwidth on demand and Deterministic Connectivity service

The only cloud that works on improving your network infrastructure to provide most economical bandwidth both ways. The advanced packet control algorithm allows an asymmetric saturation of bandwidth that provides very high upload and yet retaining the high download pipe. The service deploys high availability cloud that means location specific low latency cloud is always available. The service allows scaling in bandwidth as the congestion increases and releasing costly extra bandwidth when not required. The service is protocol and route aware thus enabling video and audio communication. The service is the best of the breed network solution with an extremely economical offering.


AirServe – Application Network Abstraction

The only service of its kind virtualized the network to provide each application and its peer application a private network domain, that enables multi-site application to exchange information in secure manner for a peer to peer or to the cloud transaction or streaming. The Network virtualization ensures a faster low latency packet flow between the applications thus significantly reducing the network wait time by the applications and improving the application performance significantly. The service provide a negotiated per session secure firewall traversal service for the authorized application to interact with applications within the firewall, without needing a third party VPN or packet redirection service, thus ensuring high speed and high security into the sanitized corporate network. The application service is the only of its kind to abstract the cloud by themselves and provides abstracted peer to peer cloud connectivity for flow across virtual network domain.


AirServe – Fax Messaging Network

Airfort leverages on the high proliferation of its Unified Communication Device that includes fax as a network entity. Airfort FaxNet is a community. A community that of various fax system across locations that can communicate with each other for sending faxes into the network fax system in an extremely secure manner, without using analog or digital fax lines. The service encompasses military grade security and enables security exchange on a per session basis to transfer faxes in a peer to peer non stored direct exchange as is done using analog or digital fax lines. This is an extremely fast service, high quality color faxing service that can transfer high resolution color images for fax based inbox viewing without any change to existing system or network. This service can also lead to reduction of phone lines or digital subscription required for achieving same traffic load as is being experienced by the client locations.