As the benefit of remote computing is being felt, more applications are moving to cloud. Cloud provides a low cost and equal reliability environment for small and possibly some medium enterprises applications. Cloud is generating waves and also congestions, as networks are getting constrained to meet the growing demand of cloud computing. The applications that were once designed for captive computing are finding a host that can support them, but the host has to support several such applications requiring same private network address space, thus causing network addressing conflicts. The problem is that the application developers assumed network abstracted environment and assumed even in the cloud they are in a private space assuming connectivity is deterministic and the bandwidth is infinite. However none of these are true. The cloud connectivity in present context also requires tunnels to be opened in the firewall thus making enterprise network vulnerable. The realization about lacunae in cloud connectivity is slowly dawning; enveloping the sunshine of optimism. Cloud access is not guaranteed both from the office and remote locations, the bandwidth is not predicable and application conflicts are causing computing failures.

We require a solution that solves all the aforementioned problems, with feasible deploy-ability, that simplifies the maintenance of network infrastructure, and minimizes cost. Airfort is an established leader in providing next generation network technology. The solution that is adaptive and non-intrusive. Airfort provides a failover solution that does not require the existing network to be redesigned, a solution that coexists with the existing network infrastructure, making AirEdge the next generation deterministic gateway as the most opted choice for providing a reliable connectivity, and economically converting the existing small network to a business and enterprise class network. AirEdge grows with the needs and provides an elastic, lossless bandwidth on demand seamlessly by sensing the need of the application. The AirEdge cloud service complements the AirEdge devices and provides a firewall safe methodology for applications to interact and provides a complete set of information for the application interactivity behavior analysis.

AirEdge is the cutting-edge solution for high quality multiple Video stream handling, making the next frontier of internet a reality. AirEdge makes the cloud access a reliable experience, an experience that allows applications to seamlessly move between cloud and premise computing environment. AirEdge makes the cloud computing seamless and manages application connectivity. It maintains the network activity log while enabling secure peer to peer application connectivity and solves the problems related to the deployment of conflicting network oriented transaction applications, by creating virtual network space and eliminates the need of redefining the network.

Airfort equipment have been adopted for high reliable, high bandwidth applications including video streaming, news gathering, enterprise connectivity, critical health care connectivity.